The 12 Best Places to See the Eiffel Tower Without the Crowds

Say au revoir to the masses by visiting these lesser-known vistas of Paris’ iconic landmark.

Seeing the Eiffel Tower is high on many travelers’ lists of the top things to do in Paris. Nevertheless, unless you want to brave the seven million people who go up the world’s most famous tower annually, there’s no need to get up close to the 330-meter-high (1,100-feet-high) iron structure. In fact, you can admire better views—and snap some great Instagram-worthy shots—at these unique, crowd-free vantage points of La Tour Eiffel around the capital. Related: Top 30 Things to Do in Paris

14 Celebrity Homes You Can Actually Rent for the Night

Sleep in Elvis' bedroom, work 9 to 5 in Dolly’s penthouse, or take a dip in Leo’s pool by checking into these A-list digs.

Have you ever dreamed of living the VIP life, even just for one sweet night? Or yearned to swap a generic hotel room for a storied castle fit for royalty? Perhaps you’ve even pondered how Elvis’ teenage home helped shape the rockabilly legend? Then read on for our list of the most unique homestays beloved by celebrities. From a shotgun shack that hits all the right notes to a sprawling Italian villa, these heavyweight homes are available to book right now for your next star-studded vacation.

10 Fascinating Facts About Your Favorite Vacation Spirit

Discover fun facts about one of the Caribbean's most popular liquor.

Shaken into your daiquiri or blended into that piña colada, rum touts a vibrant yet complicated history, especially in the Caribbean, where since the 17th-century the industry has flourished thanks to the abundance of sugarcane. Whether your penchant is for silver, gold, aged, spiced, or overproof rum, before you throw back another glass of pineapple-garnished rum punch on your next tropical getaway, pique your palate about the beloved sugarcane spirit with a decidedly island vibe.

Where to Find the Best Asian Food in Las Vegas

It’s not where you think.

Just 1.5 miles west of the North End of the Las Vegas Strip—in an area few travelers venture out to—is a cluster of Asian restaurants serving everything from Korean BBQ to boba tea. It couldn’t be more different than, say, Treasure Island’s over-the-top pirate theme or The Venetian Resort’s attempt at replicating Venice’s canals with stripe-shirted men paddling tourists along. This neighborhood is the real deal. Welcome to Las Vegas’ Chinatown. Marked by an ornate archway on Spring Mountain Road, a road that takes you out to Red Rocks if you keep heading west, this entrance is not that different from Chinatowns in San Francisco and New York City. And yet instead of historic high-rise buildings, this sea of bright and shiny strip malls spanning four blocks also celebrates cuisine from Asian cultures. More importantly, it’s where members of the local Asian community often eat. Related: Gluttony Is Also a Worthwhile Sin at the 10 Best Buffets in Las Vegas

The 12 Best Beaches Just Outside of London

Buckets and spades at the ready!

Don’t disregard a trip to the beach if you’re heading on vacation in London, England. Sure, the city itself might not be home to glorious white sand and picture-perfect views but venture an hour outwards, and you’ll find some of England’s best beaches nearby. In fact, due to England’s small size, you’re never more than 70 miles from the sea at any one point. But you’ll only have to travel an hour or so to feel the sand between your toes. Ready for a trip to the seaside? Read on for all of the best beaches just outside of London.